December has been a wonderful month for our family! The pace of our lives has slowed a bit for this season with “winter vacation” from school and construction on the fence complete! Daniel Paul has seen huge strides developmentally with the more relaxed pace of life! Caleb seems to have grown up over night and enjoys playing with the big kids.

We decorated the walls of our porch for Christmas!

We received a shipment from Global Impact in Pratville, Alabama. This shipment was delivered in 3 parts by helicopter to our town! It was so fun each time to get to receive the donations from the huge aircraft. The kids enjoyed getting to go for the final shipment to meet the military and see the aircraft!  The shipment included diapers, shoes, and wipes that we were able to share with other local missionaries and children’s homes. There were supplies for the only hospital in our region and an ultrasound machine that the gynecologist was thrilled about. We also received some tools and a cement mixer for future construction!

Christmas Eve church service.

The boys moved out of their cribs into a toddler bed. which makes it all the more real that they are growing up!
The best part of December was a visit from Rob and Teri Sandlin and their girls! They spent a few days loving and encouraging our family! They brought us special gifts from home. They took time to just really understand life here and dream about the future. They loved the people we love. They brought Christmas gifts for all the feeding program kids and Mama Tara Orphanage kids.

Thanks for being a part of our lives and ministry in 2014! We look forward to another great year in 2015!

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